Birth of an Idea

The beginning of the idea was in a way a big coincidence. The first three in the UteamUP group, Christian F. Burrell, Þorkell Arnarsson and Jóhann Pétur Pétursson sat together in a classroom. We were in Reykjavik University and in the course “Innovation and founding of a company” We simply sat together and therefore where chosen to be together in a study group. Our project was to come up with an idea and make a business plan for that idea. 

Another major coincidence was when we got reinforcement. And wow that was a huge one. We cot computer programmer in the group. In few moments you will understand why. In the group came Gísli Guðmundsson, a student that needed to take this course but did not have a group to be in. Therefore, he came with us. 

Our first meeting about this school project was held in middle of January 2020. In that meeting the three of us in the UteamUP group met. The assignment for the meeting was very simple, to get an idea. In this meeting we got so many ideas and the white board was full of so many wonderful things written down. Sometimes people get an idea but every once and a while, idea gets people. That is how we describe the moment we got the idea of UteamUP Horizon (the name came later) We used our background as technicians, project manager in building food process plants and as an engineer on trawlers and we made a decision. This is what we want to do. And in the very beginning we decided that this idea would be more than just a school project. It should be so much bigger than that. 

When we got computer programmer into the group the idea got even bigger. Since then we have returned one school project with good results. In this course in Reykjavik University “Innovation and founding of a company” the school held a competition among students and out of fifty groups and about one hundred and fifty students we came in fourth place. There were many good ideas, so we were quite happy with our place in the competition. Few days later we got even bigger results. A major global software company made declaration of intent for cooperation. For a start-up company we had a flying start. Many start-up companies have less than we do at the beginning. This summer we have been busy. We have been working on getting money for our project and made some programming work for the system behind our software. We estimate to start user testing in November 2020.