About Us

  Gísli Guðmundsson has diploma in computer science from Rafiðnaðarskólinn and is also Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer. Gísli has also received recognition from Microsoft as Microsoft Most Valuable Professional. Gísli worked for Advani for 18 years as systems manager, programmar, developing specialist, technical specialist, department manager and at the end systems- and software architecture specialist. Gísli works now for Crayon Group as software architect.

Cristian F. Burell has worked for Marel as turner, engine designer, sales designer and for the last five years as project manager in poultry department on global market. He has also worked at Baader Iceland, Skaginn 3X and Landsmiðjan from 1996 to 2002 building equipment for icelandic fisheries. He started at Marel in Mai 2002. Christian has journeyman’s examination as turner from Borgarholtsskóli, has degree as a diploma in Mechanical Technology and diploma in Technology Business Administration. He has also studied project management and has IPMA certification from Reykjavik University. Cristian has great interest in innovation. 

Þorkell Arnarson has a degree as an engineer from “Vélskóli Íslands” and studied mechanical technology and finance tecnology from Reykjavik University. Þorkell has worked as an engineer on fishing trawlers for over 20 years. As such he has seen many consequences of poor maintenance and worked with CMMS and see them stop developing and stop following the demands of the present. 

Jóhann Pétur Pétursson has a degree in Mechanical Technology and has journeyman’s examination as a mechanic and an engineer. He studied Mechanical Technology in Reykjavik University but studied mechanic in “Verkmenntaskólinn á Akureyri”. He has a wide experience among other things Orkubu Vestfjarða as an engineer in hydro power plant “Mjólkárvirkjun”. He has also worked as an engineer on fishing trawlers.